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Omar Hamoui on Communication and A Final Thought

Here’s the final piece based on Omar’s experiences on successfully building a business worth hundreds of millions dollars in just a few years. Today we cover Communication and a final piece of advice that he says is the most important of all. Communication Don’t hide anything It’s not worth the trouble and it will come […]

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Omar Hamoui on Competitive Threats and Team

I hope you’re finding this series of posts interesting – I’ve had great feedback, so I’ll continue with a few more posts. Today, I’ve combined two areas, Competitive Threats and Team. I hope you find them useful. Competitive Threats Ignore the competition If you need to constantly look at what your competition is doing in […]

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Omar Hamoui on Sales and Marketing

Continuing my posts on Omar’s learnings and thoughts, today we do Sales and Marketing. Focus on the second sale If you aren’t going to get a second order from a potential customer, don’t bother getting the first. In order to grow the business you need to be able to build on a solid base of […]

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Omar Hamoui on Deals and Negotiations

Continuing Omar’s thoughts on startups and business, today there’s a small section on deals and negotiations. Understand what you really have to lose (which is usually not much) If you are a person with a laptop and an idea, don’t worry about messing up the 100m dollar business you think you will someday be. Russell […]

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Omar Hamoui on Ideas and Company Launches

As many of you will know, my day job is working for AdMob. I was actually lucky enough to be the first person Omar Hamoui, AdMob’s Founder and CEO, employed 3 years ago and it was mainly through writing this blog that we connected. Over 80 Billion ads and 3 years later, we’ve come along […]

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