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Mark Cuban Agrees

I’ve been writing for a long time now about how the mobile is going to do to the PC, what the PC did to the mainframe. Mainframes certainly aren’t extinct, but they’re a niche market today. The scenario I see is that the mobile will become our primary digital device and that when we need […]

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Download Here

One of the myths about mobile is that people don’t like to download applications. So much so that many VCs have been turning away business plans for some time if they start with “We’re going to build a downloadable app…” In fairness, these plans often then add “…and then all we need to do is […]

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Intel Back from the Dead

Back in 2006, I wrote a post called “The Death of Intel” as the chip maker announced the sell-off of its Marvell Technology Group (which made chips for mobiles) in order to focus on ‚Äúchips for personal computers and servers amid stiffer competition‚Äù. The reason for my dramatic headline was that if mobile is the […]

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Windows Mobile in the Dunk Tank

Most of the press coverage of Microsoft recently has obviously been focused on their on-off pursuit of the coy Yahoo!. Followed by lots of analyses of what Redmond needs to do now to catch up in Search and Advertising. Mr Ballmer has also spoken a lot about how they understand that software is moving to […]

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