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Mobile Linux Prospects Looking Down?

A new report from ABI about mobile Linux is getting a decent amount of press today, claiming that nearly a quarter of smartphones will be running Linux in 2013. That’s great, but… first, there’s no indication of what ABI considers to constitute the smartphone market, nor how big it is or will be in 2013. […]

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US Handset Sales Drop — Are Consumers Tired Of Crap Phones?

New Cellphone Purchases Decline in U.S. – U.S. purchases of new cellphones declined in the first quarter for the first time in several years, signaling that worries about an economic slowdown are hurting the handset market, according to two new studies. The drop was concentrated among poorer customers using prepaid plans and among households […]

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So That’s Why I’ve Been Drinking So Much…

Dean Bubley’s Disruptive Wireless: Don’t ditch your landline if you’re teetotal: 16% of US homes are mobile-only (but this being the US, cable connections are usually considered separately and not considered ‘fixed’ lines). This number has been increasing consistently. [snip] Oh, and I love the statistic that wireless-only users are more than twice as likely […]

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‘Mobile Web 2.0 Worth Over $22 Billion by 2013’

Report: Mobile Web 2.0 Worth Over $22 Billion by 2013: According to a recent report from Juniper Research, the global market for Mobile Web 2.0 could be worth as much as $22.4 billion by 2013, up from its current figure of $5.5 billion. The research firm says that among social networking, user generated content, mobile […]

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A Big Day in Mobile: Penetration Hits 50% Worldwide

Quite a milestone, as Informa says that global mobile phone penetration will hit 50 percent today, some 26 years after the first mobile network was switched on. While ownership of multiple subscriptions and SIMs means that fewer than half the world’s 6.6 billion people have phones, this stat makes very clear just how pervasive mobile […]

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