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Didn’t See This Coming: Mobile Phones Are Hard To Use

BBC NEWS | Technology | New phone features ‘baffle users’: The complexity of modern mobile phones is leaving users frustrated and angry, research suggests. Some 61% of those interviewed in the UK and US said setting up a new handset is as challenging as moving bank accounts. Compiled by mobile firm Mformation, the survey found […]

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Today’s Second Data Point, Now With Apologies To A Mr Ballmer

Gartner sez Windows Mobile is now in fourth place in the smartphone OS race, with Mac OS X (or whatever you want to call what the iPhone runs) racing past it in Q3. Is Windows Mobile even really relevant any more as anything other than a platform for UIs that get rid of its awful […]

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Today’s Data Point, With Apologies To One Mr Tomi Ahonen

If you read MobHappy, you’re probably familiar with Tomi Ahonen of the Communities Dominate Brands blog (and if you aren’t you should be). He’s been talking for quite a while just how big the revenues generated by SMS are: Communities Dominate Brands: SMS text messaging worth 100 B dollars in 2007: Now its clear this […]

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Standalone GPS Units Fall To The Mighty Mobile

First it was digital cameras, then watches, then as Russell predicted in April, GPS-enabled mobile handsets will this year outsell standalone GPS units. GPS Phones Surpass Standalone Devices: More GPS-enabled handsets will ship this year than standalone navigation devices, IMS Research said today. Take that, separatistas! —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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SMS More Popular Than the Internet*

Text Messaging Usage Grows 32 Percent In UK; Uptake Of Mobile Broadband Dongles Surges | Text messaging remains the most widely used data application in the UK, with 2007 revenues nearly three times the figures for data revenue. Regulator Ofcom revealed in its hefty annual survey of the communications market published today that SMS […]

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