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Rise of the Drones in UK Policing

I’ve been doing a fair amount of speaking about The Singularity recently – if you’re not from around these parts, this is when the Robots take over in 2045. While most people are simultaneously stunned, excited and frightened (I think that’s a sensible response), there’s some scepticism about it ever actually happening. This is sometimes […]

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On a Personal Note

It’s a while since I’ve been blogging regularly, but as I’m now leaving Google, 5 years to the month that I started at AdMob, I want to get back to some more writing. Not necessarily just here, but guest posts on other sites and maybe even in print, if that isn’t sooo last century. I […]

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Singularity Stories – Reading List for Singularity Background

Last week, I was very privileged to attend the Executive Development Program at Singularity University in Mountain View. This is basically a briefing by the world’s top experts on disruptive and exponential growing technologies like medicine, energy, biotech, nanotech, Artificial Intelligence and 3D printing. The Singularity has long been an interest of mine and you […]

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