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10 Ways to Create Buzz in Mobile Content

One of the best ways to get noticed, especially without mega-marketing budgets, is great PR. However, it’s often seen as a bit of a “dark art” and consistently baffles even the most experienced of us. I’ve been impressed over the years by Vijay Chattha, Founder and Chief Talker of VSC Public Relations. Firstly, I’ve been […]

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User Generated Short Codes

When I was in The Valley last week, I met the charming veteran entrepreneur and angel investor, Ariel Poler, who gave me a demo of his new venture, TextMarks. He asked me to keep schtum for the time being, but he’s just dropped me an email giving me the OK, so here’s my thoughts. To […]

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User Generated Content

I was invited to join the panel to discuss the role of Mobile Advertising at the User Generated Content conference here in Munich last night and very interesting it was too. Thanks to Daniel Melter of M-Squad for the last minute invitation. I can’t say the idea of having a very poor German speaker on […]

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Battle Lines Drawn Up for Mobile Search

Nokia announced their foray into mobile search late last week, with a pretty low key press release, for what is a strategically important initiative. Nokia’s offering is available in 5 European markets – Denmark, France, Italy, Norway and Spain – and is a free application for N series and S60 handsets. They offer local search […]

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Adding Value to MMS

I’ve long argued that one of the reasons MMS is slow to take off is that it’s hard to compose a meaningful message. This is obviously on top of the high cost of sending, the operators’ connectivity issues and simple usability. What I mean is, apart from just sending a snap as a visual cue […]

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