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2009 Predictions 4, 5 and 6

Well, I did it again this year – managed to squeeze out my first 3 predictions before running off on holiday. So this is where I start to finish things off, even though we’re now well into the New Year (and have a great one, everyone!)….. 4. Global messaging revenues pass $150 Billion Pretty unequivocal […]

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2009 Predictions, Part 2

And we roll on from Part 1 with the second installment of my 2009 predictions… 6. WiMAX networks become a success, at least in the US. WiMAX largely been a moot point in the US thus far, but it should enter the mainstream in 2009. It’ll find success as more WiMAX-capable devices emerge, in all […]

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2009 Predictions, Part 1

Following my, uh, stellar performance in 2008, here are my predictions for 2009. This was pretty tough, actually, as it was hard to see much past the doom and gloom of the economy to much brightness and light. There’s some, though. As usual, leave your comments and predictions, or a link to them, in the […]

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2009 Predictions 1, 2 and 3

For those of you following MobHappy on Twitter, you’ll already have read my first three predictions, but here goes with the long form version and a little more explanation. And if you’re not from around these parts, Carlo and my Predictions have become something of a tradition and we’re actually not bad (if you’re American, […]

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2008 Predictions Reviewed

I hate going over my predictions, as generally, the MO is that you ignore the things you got wrong, and hope that everybody else forgets, while elsewhere trumpeting the things you got right as a sign of your genius. But, following Russell’s lead, here goes with my review of my predictions for 2008. Keep in […]

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