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10 Redundant Ideas for Kids Born Today

If a child is born today, what everyday tech that we take for granted today, will have disappeared by the time they are 10? 10 years isn’t very long in overall historical terms, but in technology, it’s a very long time indeed. Especially as we move up the exponential curve and change gets faster and […]

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Mobile Trends 2020 Updated

Carlo wrote last week about Mobile Trends 2020, a project curated by our pal Rudy De Waele. Rudy has updated the slide show with contributions from me, as well as other people who failed to get their act together for the original deadline – or perhaps they decided that they would like to be part […]

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Mobile Trends for the Next Decade

MH pal Rudy de Waele asked me to participate in an interesting project before the holidays: a collection of predictions for the mobile world over the next decade. He took my contributions and put them together with those from an illustrious list of contributors (see below) into Mobile Trends 2020, the Slideshare presentation below. There’s […]

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Mobile Phones in 10 Year’s Time

I’ve been writing over at Opinions in Mobile for a while now. The idea is that they send out a question very week to a panel of industry thought leaders (and me) and everyone responds with a short and pithy post. There really are some heavyweight thinks from around the world involved – I won’t […]

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2009 Predictions 7, 8, 9 and 10

Finally, here are my last lot of Predictions for 2009. 7. Mobile Payments Gain Traction Ultimately, I believe that the mobile will swallow up the credit card industry, just as it’s fundamentally changed the photo business and decimated alarm clock and calculator sales. But it’s going to be pretty tricky getting from where we are […]

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