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User Generated Short Codes

When I was in The Valley last week, I met the charming veteran entrepreneur and angel investor, Ariel Poler, who gave me a demo of his new venture, TextMarks. He asked me to keep schtum for the time being, but he’s just dropped me an email giving me the OK, so here’s my thoughts. To […]

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Napster’s Inside Story

Om Malik points to Don Dodge’s post on the inside story of Napster — the old, original Napster. It’s a solid read for anybody with an interest in music distribution and how the record labels interact with technology, particularly technology they don’t understand. —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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MGM vs Grokster

There’s plenty of news around on the MGM-Grokster case which goes before the US Supreme Court Tuesday. But what are the implications for the mobile music space? The real danger, just as in the wider digital music space, is that it will stifle innovation. The mobile platform offers so many possibilities for compelling services — […]

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