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Mobile App and Service Roundup: Remote Professional, WorldMate, Skyfire and More

The pain of three exams this week, my first in 9 or so years, put a bit of a damper on my free time, not to mention my spirits. But while I had my nose buried in the books, the news about some new and improved mobile apps and services was piling up: — One […]

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New Resource For Developers – WIP Wiki

I’ve been helping out Caroline Lewko of the Wireless Industry Partnership with its latest project, The WIP Wiki. It is, as you’d guess, a wiki site, that’s aimed at helping new mobile developers get started, and helping existing ones succeed in the market. It’s got company listings, useful for finding partners and vendors, listings of […]

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Location-Based vs. Context-Aware

Russell and I have talked a lot about location-based services over the years, generally in an attempt to interject some reason and deflate some of the hype around them and move the discussion past the ubiquitous Starbucks example as the holy grail of LBS. The biggest problem is that people confuse location with context. Location […]

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Qualcomm Plaza: YAMWP, But One Worth Watching

I was out in San Diego a while back for Qualcomm’s annual BREW confab. It’s pretty easy to think of Qualcomm as this monolithic and slightly nasty company that does little more than bully its way to profits with patents and intellectual property and some chips, and is only interested in things that lead to […]

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VCs Say Don’t Forget The Other Platforms

V.C. Advice to Entrepreneurs: Its Not All About the iPhone – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog: Though almost every discussion at the MobileBeat conference in Sunnyvale, Calif., on Thursday centered around the iPhone, venture capitalists told mobile entrepreneurs to broaden their focus and build applications for all phones. Still, all anyone wanted […]

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