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My Mobile OS Is A Better Middleman Than Yours

I’ve been thinking about mobile OSes lately, mostly because I’m pretty tired of the mess that is S60 on top of Symbian on my Nokia E71. I’m tired of it taking 20 seconds for a new SMS to show up on the screen after I click the icon; I’m tired of the slow web browser; […]

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Symbian, Now With Additional DOA-ness For Developers?

Ben Smith over at The Really Mobile Project reports that he was told by some Nokia marketing folks from the Maemo team that Nokia will drop the Symbian OS from its N-Series devices by 2012. Apparently all N-Series devices from that point will use the Maemo Linux OS (like the new N900 does), with Symbian […]

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How to Take a Screen Shot on an iPhone

.I just came across this useful little feature for those of you who have iPhones out there. If you want to take a screen shot of your iPhone, press down the Home button and then click the top button. The screen sort of flashes and then the shot is stored in the Camera Roll in […]

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Japan’s Porn-Obsessed Highlight The Need For New Content Delivery Models

You’ve probably already seen the story about how Japan’s mobile networks are creaking under the strain of mobile porn. While Japanese operators say they can’t look at exactly what their users are downloading, the booming business of porn providers, plus a nightly spike in data traffic around midnight, gives them a pretty solid idea. Certainly […]

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Putting The Pieces Of Mobile Web Device Data Together

mobiForge (nee announced its DeviceAtlas mobile-device database some time ago, aiming to create the most comprehensive file of mobile device specs to help web developers craft mobile sites. The latest version of DeviceAtlas has a new feature, Data Explorer, that aggregates the device data in the system and provides an interface to explore and […]

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