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Update On mGive Mobile Giving: Already over $1 million for Haiti

I wrote about mGive’s mobile charity donation platform in December, and it’s back in the news today. Already, Americans have donated more than $1.2 million to the Red Cross’ Haiti relief efforts using mGive on their mobile phones. The devastation in Haiti is immense and heartbreaking, but I’m glad to see that mobile is making […]

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Clutching At Straws

I’ve been listening to British radio station Xfm online quite a bit lately. In addition to some great music, they feature some of the most bizarre ads I’ve ever heard, pitching dating sites for people in uniform (or people who like people in uniform) and PSAs telling you to defrost your freezer (which kick off […]

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ESPN Sets Up A Co-Browsing Destination for College Football Fans

In January 2008, ESPN said that its NFL web content got more hits from mobile than from PCs during one 24-hour period. An exec surmised that it was NFL fans checking other scores and stats while they watched other games on TV, or what I called “co-browsing” — using a mobile to surf the web […]

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Mobile Barcodes: Dead or Alive?

I’d been wondering a bit about mobile barcodes lately after I set one up as a shortcut for a blog. There’s no doubt that they’re useful as a means of navigating to a site on a mobile device, and have lots of other potential uses as well. But after being talked about as the next […]

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1 Billion Apps

Keep that in mind the next time somebody tells you people don’t like to download apps on their phone. And remember Buckley’s Law #31: Citizens will download applications, providing it’s very clear what the application does and what the benefits of using it are. As well as its corollary, Longino Revised Statute 31.31/b: Citizens will […]

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