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Tadaa Hits 1,000,000 Downloads

It’s been a busy time since we started Ballpark Ventures earlier this year, so I thought I’d update you on some of the companies I’ve been involved with recently, either as an investor, mentor, advisor or Non-Exec Director (or a combination of any of these roles). First up is, who topically enjoyed their millionth […]

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Gen MO – Mobile-Only Generation

One of the theories many of us have been writing about for ages now is that there’s a whole bunch of people who are part of Gen MO. Or people who use the mobile exclusively. To be clear, this is not about cutting the cord and getting rid of landlines, but people who only access […]

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Crowd Sourcing by Mocality

One of my consistent predictions for mobile in the last 5 years or so, has been that innovation in mobile will travel from developing markets into the developed ones. The thing that I love about this is that new companies will be created and I will get more chances to travel to various countries, that´s […]

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.mobi Gets Sold Off

mTLD, the company set up by Nokia, 3, Google, Ericsson, Vodafone, Samsung, T-Mobile and other industry bigwigs to run the .mobi top-level domain is being purchased by another registrar responsible for such hits as the .info TLD. I was pretty skeptical of .mobi from the outset, and saw it as little more than a moneygrab, […]

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More Sports Cobrowsing, With Football3s

I just spent some time watching Liverpool lose to Arsenal in an English Premier League football match. As Liverpool fan, the game itself wasn’t particularly rewarding, but I had a great time playing along with it with Football3s. It’s a sort of in-running fantasy game: you play 10-minute games against other users by picking a […]

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