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Touchscreens Don’t Automatically Equal Good UIs

Over at the MEX Blog, Marek Pawlowski posted a great piece talking about some successes and failures of touchscreen user interfaces. Without a doubt, touchscreens are the current hot thing in mobile handsets, and many people are rushing into them with the idea that “It worked for the iPhone, so it’ll work for us”. But […]

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T-Mobile G1 First Impression

I went to my local T-Mobile store to check out the G1 over the weekend. The G1 is a nice device with what appears to be great software, but overall I wasn’t that impressed from my 5 minutes with it. Here’s why: – The G1 is chunky. It’s fairly thick, and it’s a bit bulky […]

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A Word On User-Hostile Design: Press T to Focus

I took that pic in my last post with my Nokia E71. I’ve been really happy with this device since I started using it about six weeks ago, except for the camera. It’s been taking fairly awful pictures, even under good conditions. The first pic I took of that WSJ ad was so blurry, the […]

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Update On Nokia Email

A few weeks ago, I used the beta Nokia Email service as an example of a service from Nokia that had gone badly wrong — seeing as how it simply didn’t work at all for me. Somebody from Nokia got in touch, and asked me if I’d try it again. With his help, I got […]

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If It Walks Like A Telco and Talks Like A Telco…

Anybody remember a few years ago when Steve Jobs said that Apple wasn’t that enthusiastic about launching a handset because they’d have to sell it through US operators — which he referred to as “the four orifices”? Steve’s view that the operators made life difficult for innovators and stifled innovation weren’t too far off, but […]

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