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Canada’s Telus Considering Dumping CDMA for GSM | Business | Telus considers dumping its `Betamax’ of wireless networks: With more wireless competition looming, executives at Telus Corp. are believed to be mulling a pricey swap of the firm’s network technology in a bid to offer subscribers a bigger selection of mobile devices and grab a larger slice of lucrative international roaming […]

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Vodafone Buys Into Nokia’s Services Strategy

This is A Big Deal: Vodafone will support Nokia’s Ovi services platform. Ovi is the umbrella brand over Nokia’s music store, new N-Gage platform, mapping services and other internet services it’s developing — and a brand that’s widely seen to conflict with operators’ own designs in the space. Vodafone’s support (following a similar announcement from […]

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iPhone Operators Try Some Doublespeak Of Their Own

Following yesterday’s dissection of the Reality Distortion Field, UK edition, it would appear that El Jobso is rubbing off on operators selling the iPhone. It was confirmed today that T-Mobile would offer the device in Germany, and the company’s press release did a most excellent job of trying to cover up the iPhone’s shortcomings in […]

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UK Data Prices Start To Fall*, Sort Of

UK Data Prices Start To Fall*, Sort Of

Back in January, one of my predictions for 2007 was that more flat-rate data plans would emerge in Europe, and I was optimistic that they’d be affordable. In the UK, both Orange and Vodafone recently announced new data tariffs that show a slow start down this path, at least at first glance. Orange postpaid customers […]

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Wading Into The N95 Crippling Furor

There’s a bit of an uproar going around about how Vodafone and Orange in the UK are “crippling” Nokia N95s they sell by removing the internet telephony plumbing that allows the use of integrated third-party VoIP services over the device’s Wi-Fi connection. Users can still make VoIP calls through services that have a separate client, […]

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