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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pay People to View Advertising

The paying-people-to-view-ads model is the vampire of digital marketing. No matter how many times it dies, it pops right back up in some reincarnation. So here’s my attempt at a wooden stake through the heart. I know my stake won’t work. I know entrepreneurs will keep trying it. But this is at least a reference […]

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New Sprint Commercial

Sprint “The Now Network” just launched a new commercial, ditching the old campaign featuring their CEO, Dan Hesse, talking to camera. The new ad shows what’s happening on the network, supposedly in real time, with lines like “29 people have just left their phones in the back of cabs” and that “twice as many people […]

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Rabbit Redux, Yet Again

I’ll have some more on the Symbian news in a bit, but thought I’d get this up first. Russell’s apparently a bit of a mobile history buff, and something he’s mentioned before is Hutchison’s Rabbit phone system, which it launched in May 1992… and shut down in December 1993. Rabbit was a great big cordless […]

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Vodafone, China Mobile, Softbank: Leave The Innovation Up To Us, Thanks Very Much

Vodafone Sets Up “innovation Lab” with China Mobile & Softbank: China Mobile, Japan’s Softbank and Vodafone have agreed to establish a Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) to promote the development of new mobile technologies, applications and services. The three companies expect the initiative will help to accelerate the commercial deployment of mobile internet services. The JIL […]

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Have You Checked Out Mippin Lately?

The team over at Mippin (check out my old post for background) are bouncing from strength to strength lately. They’ve launched Mippin Maker for publishers, which lets them easily create Mippsites for their publications; they’ve launched free ad-supported mobile games; they’ve enhanced the Mippin Today feature so users can get it via email and easily […]

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