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In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in the midst of the Olympics. Have you seen any good Olympic mobile content? Mippin’s launched a great catch-all Olympic category at, where they’ve got content from nearly 100 sources being sucked in to their platform, all for easy reading on your mobile. I’ve also played with US […]

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Aerodeon Research Points to New Directions

Chris Bourke is Managing Director of veteran mobile advertising agency, Aerodeon and long time a long time MobHappy reader. Some new research commissioned by his agency points to some interesting conclusions, which Chris shares below. If you have an idea or opinion you’d like to share, drop us a line. In the meantime, enjoy what […]

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The Mobile Web Is Dead. Long Live The Mobile Web.

Russell Beattie announced yesterday that he was giving up on Mowser, his transcoder startup, saying he didn’t believe in the mobile web any more: In other words, I think anyone currently developing sites using XHTML-MP markup, no Javascript, geared towards cellular connections and two inch screens are simply wasting their time, and I’m tired of […]

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David Lynch Slags Off Mobile

Some bright spark took a clip of veteran film director, David Lynch, and turned it into a faux iPhone commercial. While the iPhone trimmings are false, the clip and content is allegedly real and seems to be a very powerful emotional belief by the great man – namely that you can’t watch a movie properly […]

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The Tipping Point For The Mobile Web

I wanted to go back and revisit one of the links I posted yesterday, Russell Beattie’s “Crossing the Rubicon of the Mobile Web”. Russell’s overall point is that we’ve reached the point of general acceptance of the web on mobile devices: “Ever notice that no one says stuff like, ‘No one will want to use […]

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