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Bluetooth Marketing – The Truth

I’ve had a bit of a dislike-hate relationship with Bluetooth marketing over the years. I’ve been very critical of Bluespamming – the indiscriminate blasting of a marketing message to all mobiles in the vicinity who happen to have their Bluetooth switched on, as if that was consenting to the spam. I’ve also been pretty sceptical […]

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pay People to View Advertising

The paying-people-to-view-ads model is the vampire of digital marketing. No matter how many times it dies, it pops right back up in some reincarnation. So here’s my attempt at a wooden stake through the heart. I know my stake won’t work. I know entrepreneurs will keep trying it. But this is at least a reference […]

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Mobile Advertising Myths #1

There’s always lots of reasons we can find not to do and try new things – the vast majority of the world is inherently conservative and doesn’t like change. Most of my time is spent helping people to overcome this tendency, either promoting mobile marketing generically via the MMA, or getting them to test mobile […]

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