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Offensive Advertising

French Connection, (aka FCUK) no stranger to courting controversy, announced today a joint promotion with Chatroulette. If you’ve been on digital hunger-strike recently, Chatroullette is a service which allows you to video conference with a series of random sad blokes and their penises. Rumours of girls using the service are yet to be confirmed by […]

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Location-Based Ads Get Opt-In, Geofencing — But Does That Help?

Everybody knows about the Starbucks example of location-based ads: you walk past a coffee shop, and it sends a coupon enticing you inside to your phone. Most sensible people realize it’s not a great idea (see Russell’s definitive fisking of the concept), but the idea lives on. Monday’s NYT had a story about how clothing […]

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Meteorite Crash and Android Invasion

I’ve been writing a few posts for others today and thought you might like to have a read. This one was about a marketing stunt that’s badly backfired in Latvia, causing Tele2 to lose its Government contracts. Not all publicity is good publicity – the proof. I’ve also been writing at Media Week about the […]

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Just ‘Cause You’re Marketing To Mobiles Doesn’t Make It Any Good

I went to buy some lovely Full Sail LTD 03 beer at my local liquor megamart the other week, and was greeted with the above sign pasted on the front door. Being the adventurous type, I figured I’d turn on my Bluetooth and see what they were up to… but my Bluetooth was already on […]

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Striking the Balance in Ad-Supported Content

There’s been lots of talk about the bright future for ad-supported, versus paid, mobile content. I’m generally pretty bullish on the idea — if it’s done correctly. A big point to consider is the balance between content and advertising, and making sure that you’re not overwhelming your customers with too many ads, outweighing the value […]

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