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Creativity Comes to Location

In my Predictions for 2009, I suggested: I think that this is the year when creativity comes to Location and some very interesting things happen as a result – albeit in a small way. We’ll start to move away from find-my-nearest and simple buddy trackers and start to see innovation. So, I was interested to […]

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A Little Latitude

Google released Latitude last night – essentially a buddy-finder overlaid on Google Maps and linked to your mobile phone. The idea is you sign up, invite your pals to track you and they can follow your movements on their mobiles or on PC as broadcast by your mobile – or to be more precise, your […]

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Catch Helen Keegan in The Times

MH pal Helen Keegan is quoted in today’s Times, in a story about location-based services. Be sure to check it out: Web developers now face the challenge of connecting people with the information they need, and to make sure they can get it when they need it. One emerging group of technologies, location-based services, attempts […]

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Google Maps With GPS Support Is Great, But…

The mobile blogosphere was abuzz today with the news that Google’s released a version of Google Maps for Mobile that supports the internal GPS of the Nokia N95 and other S60 phones. I love Google Maps for Mobile, it’s definitely one of my all-time top mobile apps, and it’s helped me out on numerous occasions. […]

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What Are People Searching For?

m-spatial provide white label local search for the likes of Orange, O2 and Vodafone, as well as personal navigation devices. They’ve just announced a list of the terms users are most frequently searching for on their mobiles. While they don’t release actual figures, monthly searches are in the millions, so the numbers are statistically significant. […]

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