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Bluetooth Marketing – The Truth

I’ve had a bit of a dislike-hate relationship with Bluetooth marketing over the years. I’ve been very critical of Bluespamming – the indiscriminate blasting of a marketing message to all mobiles in the vicinity who happen to have their Bluetooth switched on, as if that was consenting to the spam. I’ve also been pretty sceptical […]

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pay People to View Advertising

The paying-people-to-view-ads model is the vampire of digital marketing. No matter how many times it dies, it pops right back up in some reincarnation. So here’s my attempt at a wooden stake through the heart. I know my stake won’t work. I know entrepreneurs will keep trying it. But this is at least a reference […]

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Crowd Sourcing by Mocality

One of my consistent predictions for mobile in the last 5 years or so, has been that innovation in mobile will travel from developing markets into the developed ones. The thing that I love about this is that new companies will be created and I will get more chances to travel to various countries, that´s […]

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More on Geofencing and Location-Based Messaging

I got a couple of responses in via email to my earlier post on geofence-triggered mobile ads. Matt Silk, SVP of mobile messaging company Waterfall Mobile took an interest in the post, as his company just announced a deal with WaveMarket to add location functionality to its messaging platform. We did a short interview via […]

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Location on Mobile: Still Wandering Around A Little Aimlessly

I’ve been thinking about location and mobile a lot lately, mostly trying to wrap my head around this nebulous (at least to me) “social location” trend. It seems to me that so many “location-based services” — I just shudder uopn reading that term — of today are rehashes of many of the same ideas from […]

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