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Stefan Eriksson Watch: Mistrial!

Stefan Eriksson Watch: Mistrial!

You go away for a few days and you miss everything… Jurors in former Gizmondo boss Stefan Eriksson’s grand theft and fraud trial were unable to reach a unanimous verdict, and a mistrial was declared. However, prosecutors say the’ll go ahead with another trial, since jurors were deadlocks 10-2 in favor of convicting Eriksson. I’m […]

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Stefan Eriksson Watch: I Didn’t Steal Those Cars, Honest

Stefan Eriksson turned down a plea deal Monday, rejecting prosecutors’ offer that would have sent him to prison for two years and four months — “I cannot agree that I stole the car because I didn’t,” he said through an interpreter. If he’s convicted on all the charges facing him, he’ll go to jail for […]

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Times Alleges Carl Freer’s Connection To Xero

The Times has another comprehensive look at the collapse of Gizmondo and some of the personalities behind it. It details the spending excesses of the company’s execs and the criminal history of Carl Freer, which isn’t necessarily news, but it does make a connection between Freer (who’s been arrested on gun charges) and Xero Mobile, […]

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Gizmondo Gang

The LA Times has a comprehensive profile of Stefan Eriksson and Carl Freer, with a dateline of the infamous Uppsala, Sweden, that gave birth to the “Uppsala Mafia” these guys used to run with. As is the case pretty much anytime these guys are involved, it’s a pretty fascinating read. [tags]eriksson, stefan eriksson, gizmondo[/tags] —–>Follow […]

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Second Ex-Gizmondo Exec Arrested

I missed the news last week that another Ex-Gizmondo executive, Carl Freer, had been arrested in LA for trying to buy a handgun, showing a badge showing him as a deputy commissioner of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority’s police department — the same strange organization to which Stefan Eriksson is tied. Freer’s home and […]

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