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N-Gage: A Eulogy

Pause for a moment and shed a tear for the Nokia N-Gage. This monumental device, which brought sidetalking to the world, as well as a portrait-oriented screen for gaming, evolved into the N-Gage platform (no, we didn’t quite get that, either) — and now it’s being taken behind the shed and put out of its […]

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Hooray For DRM Once Again: Those N-Gage Games Are All Locked Up UPDATED

Update: Nokia has apparently changed its mind and says it will allow users to transfer their games to their new devices. That’s nice of them, well done Nokia. I do have to take issue with their statement, though đŸ™‚ We have noticed a number of media stories about N-Gage game transfers and wanted to clarify […]

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Sprint and EA Mobile Try The Subscription Game

The day I arrived in San Francisco for CTIA a few weeks back, the “big” news was that AT&T had finally launched an OTA music download service with Napster Mobile. It’s pretty much like every other OTA operator music store that’s been around for a while, which is to say it’s got a limited selection […]

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Yahoo and Mobile Search

One of my fellow speakers at the Barcelona chapter of Mobile Monday was Ricardo Baeza-Yates Director of Yahoo! Research Barcelona. Ricardo had to leave early, so we didn’t have much of a chance for a chat, but there were some very interesting aspects of his presentation. I think it’s fair to say that Ricardo sees mobile […]

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Stefan Eriksson Indicted On Five Charges

Stefan Eriksson Indicted On Five Charges

Prosecutors in LA have indicted Stefan Eriksson on felony counts of embezzlement, grand theft and possession of a gun by a felon, along with two misdemeanor counts of possession of a gun by a felon. His bail has been set at $5 million, and the INS still has an immigration hold on him. If convicted […]

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