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Chinese Man Misses the Point

A Chinese man has invented the world’s largest mobile phone. Someone tell him, will you? —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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‘Vodafone Staff Upset by Dead Badger on Way to Work’

As you might imagine, I subscribe to plenty of RSS feeds and news searches and whatnot about the mobile industry, and sometimes they pull up some, uh, interesting stuff. Like this one: – cellular-news The local government which manages the main roads leading to Vodafone’s international headquarters campus in Newbury, UK has been criticized […]

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Where Do The T9 People Get Their Words?

Indulge me in a little Friday rant. I like predictive text on my handsets, I really do. Makes things a lot easier — most of the time. But I never cease to be amazed at some of the words in the dictionary. It’s something of a rite of passage for a new handset when I […]

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NEWSFLASH: Apple is Hella Evil! (update: or not)

EXCLUSIVE: Apple Secretly Tracking iPhone IMEI and Usage (with proof): As I sit here applying a new layer of Reynolds tin foil to my international hat of conspiracy, its been proven that Apple tracks iPhone usage and tracks IEMI numbers of all their iPhones worldwide. Hidden in the code of the “Stocks” and “Weather” widgets […]

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Under The Radar Next Week In Silicon Valley

Next Thursday, November 15, the Under the Radar Mobility event will be held out in Silicon Valley. 42 startups will present their products and services, and they’ll be judged by a panel of judges including MH pal Rudy de Waele. UTR describes the event as such: “You’ll see a collection of companies in areas such […]

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