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For a little Friday Fun, I started an idea on Twitter called TwitterBuster, which is where you re-write a Blockbuster book in Twitter format. So far, I have: TwitterBuster: MacBeth. Witches are right. If you murder someone, you’ll feel jolly guilty, wash your hands and the goodies will triumph. and TweetBuster: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell […]

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Help The MIR Team Raise Money For Charity — And Win Some Great Prizes

Ewan and his crew over at Mobile Industry Review are trying to raise 1500 squid for charity. They’re giving away some nice handsets and accessories — every 5 pounds/$10 (come on, haven’t you guys checked the exchange rates lately :P) you donate to the causes (Childline and the UN Foundation) gets you one entry. The […]

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BT to Allow Local Authorities to “Adopt” a Payphone

BT to Allow Local Authorities to “Adopt” a Payphone: The UK’s dominant land-line operator, BT is to allow local authorities to “adopt” a payphone box in situations where the company would normally want to remove it due to lack of use. The iconic red payphone boxes have fallen out of favour thanks to the growth […]

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History Lesson

Time has a great photo essay on the history of the mobile phone, which is worth checking out. This one shows Martin Cooper, widely regarded as the Father of the Mobile. The photo was taken back in 1983, although the mobile looks much smaller and sleeker than I remember them being in those days. It’s […]

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Cameraphones, Hands-free kits and Being Forgetful

A part of Russell’s ongoing separatista vs. convergionist battle is cameraphones vs. standalone digital cameras. You’re familiar with this angle: though most cameraphones aren’t of the same quality as standalone SLRs (or whatever), the best camera at any given time is the camera a person has with them. Indeed, it’s true. I never would have […]

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