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You’ve Got a Bad Case of Acute Digital Syllogomania

Once upon a time, Dear Mobilist, in an age we’ve almost forgotten, there were no Smartphones, no Tablets and not even any Computers – it’s hard to believe now, isn’t it? In those days, there was a price for keeping all our photos, documents, energy bills, letters (what they used to call email), music collections […]

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Advice About Which University to Choose

A few weeks ago, I did a short speech at “Yes we can! US Uni Advisor Training Conference”. In my usual style, my slides are image-based and don’t make any sense at all unless you hear the speech. The organisers therefore asked me to provide some notes and I thought someone might find them useful […]

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FT Forecasts 60% Readership Mobile by 2020 – Why They Are Wrong

Ronan Shields, New Media Age’s tireless correspondent, writes today that the FT are forecasting that 60% of their readership will be via mobile by 2020. However, I believe that they’re almost certainly wrong about this. What, is Buckley getting cold feet about the rise and rise of mobile? No, not at all – they’re under-estimating […]

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