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Java Magazines

Java Magazines

Last week I wrote a somewhat controversial post about developing Java applications for mobile. Some people seemed to think that I was dissing Java per se, which isn’t the case at all – sometimes only Java cuts the mustard and here’s a nice example. Mobizines by Refresh Mobile allow companies to make their own magazines […]

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The RAZR’s Successor, or, More Of The Same

One more RAZR-beating post before the weekend: Engadget Mobile has pictures of what’s rumored to be the RAZR 2, or “Canary”. It’s still thin, looks a bit narrower, has a glossy finish, and a giant bulbous bottom. Yay. The best bit, though: they say “it uses the same software build as the RAZR V3x” — […]

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I’m Not The Only One With RAZR Burn

Motorola’s latest quarterly results give some indication into what the RAZR’s doing for them… and it’s not all good news, says one Wall Street analyst. After I said that Moto was beating a dead horse, Russell Beattie wondered why they should mess with something that works. It’s a fair point — but the results go […]

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Treos Trudge Along

Treos Trudge Along

Treo sites are abuzz this morning with blurry images of the Treo “Hollywood”, the next rumored device from Palm. I slated Motorola a bit during CTIA playing out the RAZR trend, and I think Palm faces a similar issue. They’ve been talking for a few years about how smartphones are their core business, and that […]

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Mobile Vs Computer

I was thinking that an interesting test of how advanced mobile phone evolution has got would be to ask if there was anything you used your mobile for, when your computer was readily available. Of course, I know that mobiles are generally used when you’re out and about and don’t have a computer with you. […]

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