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The People’s Phone

Tony Blair, the UK’s recently ex-Prime Minister, is having to get used to living like the rest of us. As well as being puzzled why his driver (he’s still got one, so no need to feel too sorry for Tone) now stops at red lights, he’s got his first mobile phone. And he’s having to […]

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Finally, the iPhone

Finally, the iPhone

Well, it’s finally here: Steve Jobs is onstage announcing the iPhone at this moment. Follow the action at Engadget. I’ll have more thoughts on it later, but my initial reaction: shiny. And that’s about it. Update: Wow, not sure where to start. First, I don’t think you can think of this as a phone, really […]

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Death Knell for Watches

Business Week reports on a new survey by Seiko that indicates that ownership of wrist watches has fallen from 70% in 1997 to only 46% today. Why? People use their mobiles to tell the time these days. I’m sure this is a trend that’s happening in the West too, though perhaps not quite so fast. […]

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Never Underestimate the Ingenuity of Fools

User error seems to be something of a theme here this week, with loads of comments on my What a Waste¬†post about the ineffectiveness of Wap Push. The consensus seems to be that at least part of the problem is the user not knowing how to respond to a message or being unable to find […]

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The Mobile is a Virtual Mouse

Pasta and Vinegar points¬†to an IHT¬†story about a new service in Japan¬†which allows you to¬†point a mobile phone to a physical object and get taken to digital information about it, whether it be an historical monument or a restaurant detailing previous diners’ reviews. We’ve been predicting this for some time now, so it’s interesting to […]

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