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Sounding The Death Knell For The Nexus One Is Probably Just A Little Premature

Sounding The Death Knell For The Nexus One Is Probably Just A Little Premature

The Google Nexus One handset has “bombed” after selling just 20,000 handsets in its first week. Eh? Selling 20,000 devices in a week with no brick-and-mortar outlets (and therefore no chance to test the device before purchase), relatively minimal marketing, from a new seller using a pretty unique (for the US, anyway) sales model is […]

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Motorola Finds A Scapegoat Technology: Motorola Inc., the largest U.S. mobile-phone maker, sued a former executive now working for Apple Inc., accusing him of disclosing its trade secrets to aid in the marketing of Apple’s iPhone. Michael Fenger in March ended an almost six-year career at Motorola where he was a vice president for the company’s mobile- device […]

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Hits Just Keep On Coming From Motorola

Regular readers will know we don’t really talk about handsets much here on MH, except for the occasional shiny-object lust, but I wanted to point out this post I just saw over at IntoMobile about some forthcoming Motorola cameraphone. Moto has been working on devices with Kodak-branded cameras in an attempt to reinvigorate its ailing […]

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Amazon’s Kindle: Mildly More Interesting Than Other E-Book Readers, Thanks to a Mobile Radio

Amazon has finally launched its long-rumored e-book reader, called the Kindle. Like most other e-book readers, it’s doomed to mediocrity/failure because too few people will care enough to drop $400 for it. Had Amazon given it away to spur e-book sales, perhaps it might stand a greater chance, but as that post on GigaOM points […]

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Spooky Spy Service

160 Characters writes about a very nasty mobile application that sounds like it’s a James Bond fantasy, but turns out to be apparently genuine. It’s an application that gets installed on your phone and automatically and undetectably sends a copy of all inbound and outbound sms to a third party, as well as the facility […]

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