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Final CTIA Post: Why Was It So Quiet?

I asked plenty of people the usual event questions this week at CTIA: “Seen anything cool?” “What’s exciting at the show?” and the like. The usual reaction? A bit of a shrug and an “Uhhhh…” Other people seemed to have similar thoughts as well. In years past, CTIA’s been a massive show with all sorts […]

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CTIA: Usability Lessons From A Hacker

I spent some time at CTIA yesterday with Jon Lech Johansen and Monique Farantzos of DoubleTwist, a company which makes a media-sharing app and service. You might know Johansen better as DVD Jon, made famous by his cracking the content-scrambling system used as copy protection on DVDs. Since then, he’s cracked a number of other […]

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CTIA: Lunch With AT&T and Surface

AT&T held a media event earlier, the star of which was undoubtedly the Microsoft Surface unit it showed off. AT&T is initially rolling the devices out in four cities, but hopes to expand them across its retail channel. AT&T’s implementation of this is pretty damn cool: shoppers can set a device on the Surface’s, uh, […]

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CTIA: Mobile TV Trying To Sort Itself Out

It’s pretty obvious that mobile TV hasn’t been a great success yet, for any number of reasons. Content problems, cost and other business model issues, lack of handsets — they’ve all conspired to keep mobile TV down. But I’ve seen a few things here at CTIA that are making me wonder if the mobile TV […]

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CTIA Day 1

Some general impressions from the first day of CTIA: – Does “open” really mean much here in the US beyond “a new set of rules devised by operators”? Hard to really tell at this point. – This is like Barcelona with an American accent and on a smaller scale (with a lot of repeats from […]

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