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Google Calendar Arrives — But What About Mobile?

As expected, Google has announced its calendar product. I’ve been playing around with it, and I’m pretty impressed — except for one glaring oversight. There doesn’t seem to be a mobile version. It will send event reminders to you via SMS — as long as you’re on one of 15 supported US carriers, though Verizon’s […]

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Still Waiting For Mobile Advertising

When I asked for your opinions last week about content pricing strategies, I added that there was a need for mobile advertising systems that could help support content, and allow users free access to services, like they enjoy on the wired Web, while still providing for revenues for content and service providers. A new report […]

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Now Is The Time

If you’re a big brand looking to get in to mobile content, the time is now. The opportunity really hasn’t changed much over the last year or two (even with the advent of 3G), but perceptions have. Just look at CBS and News Corp., which today announced some mobile-content initiatives. CBS, on the one hand, […]

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Vodafone To Allow Content Providers To Absorb Data Traffic Costs

A recurring issue for mobile content providers and marketers is the cost end users must bear for data transfer, whether it’s on the mobile web or via messaging. It’s a particular problem in delivering content or applications to users with per-KB data plans, often adding significant cost to the stated price of the application — […]

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Google Drops Personalized Mobile Home Page

Google Drops Personalized Mobile Home Page

Google have unveiled the Google Personalized Home for mobile devices — the mobile version of its personalized Google Home for PCs. Users log in to the Google XHTML site from their mobile phone, and they’re presented with a version of the personalized Google page formatted for the small screen. Gmail, weather, RSS — it’s all […]

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