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Happy Slapping Hits Panorama

It was ages ago that we were one of the first sources to identify Happy Slapping – back in January 2005, in fact. Since then, it’s grown from a tasteless prank – filming on a camera phone an unsuspecting victim’s reaction to being slapped on the cheek – to filming incredibly violent, illegal and unprovoked […]

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W3C Launches “Planet Mobile Web”

Rudy de Waele points out that the W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative has launched Planet Mobile Web, an aggregator of several blogs that discuss the mobile web. It’s an effort to increase communication and the community around the topic, as well as encourage conversations across different blogs. It’s a cool idea, and worth a look, particularly […]

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TextAmerica in MASSIVE U-Turn

A couple of weeks ago I wrote quite a restrained post urging TextAmerica to have a rethink about their plans to delete their long-time customers’ free accounts and hence, peoples’ precious digital memories or “It would be so easy to become victims of a very nasty hate campaign if they screw with people‚Äôs photos and […]

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When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

UPDATE: Very funny video on the same lines here. Thanks, Mark. Please forgive this slightly off-topic post, but I think it has important lessons for any organisation with customers, and is therefore worthy of consideration. I came back from a week in Silicon Valley on Saturday morning, flying with Delta via Atlanta to Munich. A […]

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Subway Wanker Gets Off

Dan Hoyt, the pervert that got busted by cameraphone for masturbating on the NYC subway got off in a different way this week — receiving just two years’ probation for the crime. Unsurprisingly, he confirms an earlier profile by again proving he’s a complete jackass: Has he really changed? I asked Hoyt an aching question. […]

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