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‘Tis the Season For Mobile Giving

It’s Christmastime, a season when good cheer gets a lot of people to reach into their wallets and help out charities. Charitable organizations are constantly looking for ways to make it easier for people to donate — even Salvation Army kettles can now take credit cards — so giving people the ability to donate via […]

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Would You Ever Willingly Ignore Insight Into Half Your Customers?

Our good friend Helen Keegan, as you may have guessed, is a woman. She also works in the mobile industry — and is an authority on mobile marketing, and a frequent speaker at industry events. But she wants to know why there aren’t more women up there with her, and singles out three upcoming events […]

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If Viacom Wants To See All Our YouTube Videos, Let ‘Em Have This One

A judge in a US federal court in New York has ordered Google to hand over the entire YouTube logging database, revealing the viewing habits and history of YouTube users. While I’m optimistic that this order will get reversed — as it violates the Video Privacy Protection Act and completely tramples individuals’ privacy solely because […]

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Today’s Lesson In Social Media: Sometimes, It’s Better To Keep Your Trap Shut

Updated: There’s a mess of inline updates to this story, provided by one Manny Ramon in the comments. Mr. Ramon says he was “SEOColumbus” on Twitter (though that account now looks to have been deleted), and that he provided “SEO expertise and tips” to a friend that worked on, but otherwise has no connection […]

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Say It Ain’t So, T-Mobile — Stop Blocking Twitter

I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for several years now. I’ve always been happy with them — they offer good prices for their services, and their customer service has always been great (as I’ve written before. But I’m left reconsidering that this morning, as apparently T-Mobile has decided to block messages its users send to Twitter’s […]

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