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Bluetooth Marketing – The Truth

I’ve had a bit of a dislike-hate relationship with Bluetooth marketing over the years. I’ve been very critical of Bluespamming – the indiscriminate blasting of a marketing message to all mobiles in the vicinity who happen to have their Bluetooth switched on, as if that was consenting to the spam. I’ve also been pretty sceptical […]

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Bluetooth Marketing Revisited

Bluetooth Marketing Revisited

Back in August, I wrote a post about Hypertag setting up a network of net-connected Bluetooth units around London for marketers to use. I thought it was an interesting idea, but some other people, like Tom Hume, didn’t really agree (though I take some pride in being able to get coffee to shoot out his […]

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Location Based Marketing – Could it Really Work? Part Two

Part One of this post concluded that the really important question when studying Location Based Marketing (LBM), in fact, the-answer-to-life-death-and-the-universe question of the subject, is: what kind of marketing messages should you say youǃÙre going to send that will attract opt-in users, that recipients will welcome and that theyǃÙll respond to? In other words, what […]

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Location Based Marketing – Could it Really Work? Part One

When ZagMe, my previous foray into Location Based Marketing (LBM), was shut by its investors, I wrote at the time that we were 5 years too early. This didn’t mean 5 years too early for user acceptance, incidentally, but too early for marketers and the available technology. However, ZagMe closed 5 years ago now and […]

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MMA Finally Condemns Bluespamming

MMA Finally Condemns Bluespamming

Justin Pearce* writes in New Media Age about the UK’s Mobile Marketing Association finally coming out against Bluespamming – 6 months after we wrote that it was illegal. I wonder what took them so long to decide that sending unsolicited messages was in clear breach of European privacy directives and meant to be against everything […]

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