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Dear AP: You Don’t Get To Make The Rules

I don’t really like to blog about copyright and whatnot much as I think it gets pretty tedious. That said, this stuff the Associated Press is trying to pull is a bit much. Last week it got pissed off that a site called the Drudge Retort was posting links to AP stories with a cut-and-pasted […]

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It’s About Time

I’ve been searching around for quite some time for a WordPress client for S60 that would let me write and edit blog posts from my mobile. I’m not the only one — Ewan over at SMS Text News even went so far as to engage a developer through Rent-A-Coder or something to try and get […]

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Free Mobilists’ Mobile RSS Reader

At MobHappy, we teamed with with the the guys behind Free News a while back to offer a mobile phone RSS reader. This allows you to follow our favourite blogs from your mobile. So we thought we’d extend this popular service to include all our Mobilist friends too and offer a Mobilist Mobile RSS reader, […]

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PR Is Still Broken

There’s been a few mentions around some telecom blogs about the onslaught of PR spam that’s been unleashed on people registered as press for the upcoming VON trade show, which is largely concerned with VoIP. One person’s privately commented to me that their email has been rendered largely useless thanks to all the PR pitches, […]

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BzzAgent’s Blogging Idea

BzzAgent’s Blogging Idea

Back in January, I wrote about the controversial company, BzzAgent and how they’d managed to raise $13.75 million in VC funding. One of my points that was that while word of mouth marketing was undoubtedly very, very powerful, paying people to spread the word defeated the whole point and undermined the credibility of the people […]

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