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Warner Yard Launches

The UK Tech scene has never been hotter, with startups sprouting up daily to complement the raft of more mature, proven companies. My pal, Federico Pirzio-Biroli, has been an active angel investor for a while now, with over 20 companies in his portfolio. He’s now taken his commitment to UK tech to a whole new […]

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TechStars is Coming – Apply Now!

I’ve been involved in mentoring startups for some time with the excellent Springboard Accelerator programme. A few months ago, Springboard was turned into the world renown TechStars – the grand-daddy of Accelerators. This was great news for the UK Tech startup scene and represents considerable endorsement and recognition that we are truly a global player. […]

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LoopMe Unveils

Another of the companies in my loose affiliation of a portfolio is LoopMe, which has just emerged from stealth mode to take on some of the challenges we face in mobile advertising. My role is currently a Board Advisor along with the excellent Kate Burns – the first employee of Google outside the US back […]

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Startups: Accelerate Your Success with Springboard Mobile

Startup life has radically changed in the last 5 years, with many Founders opting to spend their formative weeks in a mentor-led Accelerator programme. This was pioneered by the likes of TechStars and Y Combinator in the US, but quickly spread to the UK where the basic model was adopted and adapted for local conditions. […]

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See You There?

It’s been a while since I last posted, for a variety of reasons really. There’s been the move to Google, which has taken my eye off the ball. Google are (as you might expect) enlightened about employees blogging, providing that they make it clear that it’s their opinion, not Google’s – please note 🙂 But […]

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