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Erasto Mpemba – A Story of Persistence and Scientific Discovery

I found this story of the Tanzanian schoolboy, Erasto Mpemba, particularly inspiring, as well as a reminder for educators everywhere that they might not always be right. Back in the 1960’s, Erasto, aged 13, was making ice cream at Magamba Secondary School. He noticed that when the ice cream was hot and started to freeze, […]

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FT Forecasts 60% Readership Mobile by 2020 – Why They Are Wrong

Ronan Shields, New Media Age’s tireless correspondent, writes today that the FT are forecasting that 60% of their readership will be via mobile by 2020. However, I believe that they’re almost certainly wrong about this. What, is Buckley getting cold feet about the rise and rise of mobile? No, not at all – they’re under-estimating […]

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10 Redundant Ideas for Kids Born Today

If a child is born today, what everyday tech that we take for granted today, will have disappeared by the time they are 10? 10 years isn’t very long in overall historical terms, but in technology, it’s a very long time indeed. Especially as we move up the exponential curve and change gets faster and […]

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Tweetless in Shanghai

I’m currently in China on a bit of an exploratory trip, meeting various VCs, entrepreneurs, government and academic people. It’s too early to get much of an impression – I’m jetlagged and in a hotel in the western suburbs of Shanghai and about half an hour’s drive through mad traffic from the famous Bund and […]

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21st Century Careers and the Decimation of the Middle Class Professions

I recently attended a Career’s Evening at my 16 year old daughter’s school. The idea was that parents representing typical middle class professions, such as banking, military, accounting, medicine, law and marketing stood around answering questions from the kids, who ranged in age between 15 and 18. Apart from the odd mobile phone, the scene […]

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