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Should You Pay Your Advisors and Non-Execs?

Much of my work these days is in the form of advising relatively early stage companies. I have four models I use: 1. Free For very early startup companies (pre-funding) I work for free. Mainly (but not exclusively – sometimes it’s with friends, or friends of friends) I do this via Springboard, the London-based Accelerator […]

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Rise of the Drones in UK Policing

I’ve been doing a fair amount of speaking about The Singularity recently – if you’re not from around these parts, this is when the Robots take over in 2045. While most people are simultaneously stunned, excited and frightened (I think that’s a sensible response), there’s some scepticism about it ever actually happening. This is sometimes […]

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Politicians and Technology. Oh Dear.

Politicians and Technology. Oh Dear.

I was listening to Any Questions?* yesterday and was amazed to hear Lord Steele of Aikwood come up with the most preposterous quote about technology since the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s “series of tubes” description of the internet. Now, Lord Steele, it should be noted, is the former leader of the Liberal, and then Liberal […]

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Tadaa Hits 1,000,000 Downloads

It’s been a busy time since we started Ballpark Ventures earlier this year, so I thought I’d update you on some of the companies I’ve been involved with recently, either as an investor, mentor, advisor or Non-Exec Director (or a combination of any of these roles). First up is, who topically enjoyed their millionth […]

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Erasto Mpemba – A Story of Persistence and Scientific Discovery

I found this story of the Tanzanian schoolboy, Erasto Mpemba, particularly inspiring, as well as a reminder for educators everywhere that they might not always be right. Back in the 1960′s, Erasto, aged 13, was making ice cream at Magamba Secondary School. He noticed that when the ice cream was hot and started to freeze, […]

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