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The Pipe Is Only Dumb If You Make It That Way

Over on GigaOM, Chetan Sharma has a guest column called The Operators vs. the Media Brands that’s well worth a read. He talks about how the two industries are converging, but how difficult it is for operators to become media companies, despite their comments to the contrary. The biggest point I took away from it […]

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Say It Ain’t So, T-Mobile — Stop Blocking Twitter

I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for several years now. I’ve always been happy with them — they offer good prices for their services, and their customer service has always been great (as I’ve written before. But I’m left reconsidering that this morning, as apparently T-Mobile has decided to block messages its users send to Twitter’s […]

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Another Glorious Example Of Customer Service

A Canadian oil worker managed to run up an $85,000 phone bill with Bell Mobility after erroneously thinking he could use his handset, and its $10 unlimited internet plan, as modem for his computer. We’ve seen this sort of story before, dating back to Joi Ito’s GPRS roaming bill in 2004, and more recently with […]

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Is All This Talk Of ‘Open’ Just Lip Service?

Open, open, open. It’s the buzzword of the moment in mobile, thanks to the likes of Google and Verizon. Operators are talking about how they’re open, how they want to foster innovation and new business models, and how they love openness and so on. But then pops up BusinessWeek with a story on how US […]

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A Couple Of People Worth Listening To

There’s been some good stuff in the FT over the past few days, featuring some insights from the leaders of China Mobile and Vodafone — the world’s largest mobile operators by subscribers and by revenues, respectively. First, from last week, China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou on changing business models. He says operators need to innovate […]

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