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More on Sprint’s Awesome Transcoder (That Breaks The Mobile Web)

I pointed out on Monday how Dennis at Wap Review had discovered that Sprint has rolled out a lovely transcoder — a la Vodafone — that sends a dummy user agent to web sites, instead of the proper user agent of their customers’ handsets. The latest update was that people could ask for their sites […]

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Sprint Starts Hiding User Agents (and Breaking the Mobile Web), Too

You might remember the stink that was raised last year when Vodafone decided to break the mobile web by using a transcoder that sent sites a user agent for a PC browser, rather than the proper user agent from their customers’ mobile browsers. This renders user-agent based auto-detection useless, undoing the hard work of developers […]

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Voice Goes Flat Rate, Too

We talk about flat-rate data plans all the time, but on Tuesday, three US operators announced flat-rate voice plans. For about $100 a month, subs on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile can now get unlimited national calls, and T-Mobile will throw in unlimited SMS and MMS to boot. Sprint had announced trials of a flat-rate plan […]

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AT&T Says “Whoops” On The SIM-Only Deal; No Need For A Contract

I posted yesterday on the new that AT&T was selling SIM-only service, but apparently still required customers to sign a two-year contract. AT&T says now that the language on its online store talking about the two-year contract was a mistake, and that customers don’t generally need to sign a contract for SIM-only service. GigaOM says […]

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AT&T: Look How Open* We Are

Please see the update to this story — AT&T says you don’t need to sign a contract to get SIM-only service. Unless you’ve been on Mars, you’ve noticed all the talk in the mobile industry about “openness”. Perhaps as part of its push to be “the most open wireless company in the industry”, as its […]

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