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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pay People to View Advertising

The paying-people-to-view-ads model is the vampire of digital marketing. No matter how many times it dies, it pops right back up in some reincarnation. So here’s my attempt at a wooden stake through the heart. I know my stake won’t work. I know entrepreneurs will keep trying it. But this is at least a reference […]

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Econ 102 for Operators

Last time out, I went over (with graphs!) operators’ rhetoric about needing to raise data prices to discourage usage, since their networks can’t keep up with demand. Today, we’ll look at what’s behind the data traffic increase, and what (other than raising rates) operators can do about it. I closed that last post by saying […]

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Econ 101 For Operators

There’s been quite a bit of talk lately about how mobile networks are creaking under the strain of increased data usage. The CTO of Verizon in the US says that flat-rate data plans aren’t sustainable, echoing similar comments from the head of AT&T Wireless; over in the UK, O2’s head honcho says smartphones are bogging […]

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“If the mobile internet turns into the general internet, then shame on us”

“If the mobile internet turns into the general internet, then shame on us” — says Motricity’s chief strategy and marketing officer, Jim Ryan, in an interview with MocoNews’ Tricia Duryee. Yeah, I mean, shame on us if the mobile internet actually became something useful, enriching, ubiquitous and valuable, supporting a plethora of business models on […]

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Verizon Wireless Doing Its Best To Strangle SMS Content

Verizon Wireless has put the word out that it’s going to start charging 3 cents for every mobile-terminated text message that goes across its network starting November 1, on top of the existing fees it already charges. That “poof!” sound you just heard was the SMS content and marketing business in the US vanishing in […]

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