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RTB is Coming to Mobile

In the old days of mobile advertising – pre-2011 – the sector was really easy to understand. You had publishers. You had advertisers. And you had networks, like AdMob. Networks provided both publishers and advertisers with the scale to make an efficient market. And then suddenly we saw the rise of complexity in the value […]

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Interview: Hacking Media – Taking Creativity Beyond the Creative | FT Events | FT Live

A very interesting interview with B Bonin Bough at last week’s FT conference. He’s a very bright guy at Mondelez (formerly Kraft) and VP Global Media and Consumer Engagement and points the way to at least part of the future of Social. Interview: Hacking Media – Taking Creativity Beyond the Creative | FT Events | […]

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Palringo is a Top 50 Download Ever!

I’m a non-Exec Director of the insanely successful UK-based group messaging service, Palringo. Like many UK companies, they lack headlines and mindshare, but quietly get on with being doing the business. Need I say more than this? Congrats to the Palringo team! —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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MLOVE – The Book

I’ve been a big fan of Harald Neidhardt’s MLOVE since the beginning and have spoken at the Confestival outside Berlin that’s held in wonderful old Schloss. So I was delighted to contribute to the MLOVE Lifestyle of Mobility book when Harald asked me a few months back, along with many leading thinkers and writers about […]

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Warner Yard Launches

The UK Tech scene has never been hotter, with startups sprouting up daily to complement the raft of more mature, proven companies. My pal, Federico Pirzio-Biroli, has been an active angel investor for a while now, with over 20 companies in his portfolio. He’s now taken his commitment to UK tech to a whole new […]

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