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Econ 102 for Operators

Last time out, I went over (with graphs!) operators’ rhetoric about needing to raise data prices to discourage usage, since their networks can’t keep up with demand. Today, we’ll look at what’s behind the data traffic increase, and what (other than raising rates) operators can do about it. I closed that last post by saying […]

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Econ 101 For Operators

There’s been quite a bit of talk lately about how mobile networks are creaking under the strain of increased data usage. The CTO of Verizon in the US says that flat-rate data plans aren’t sustainable, echoing similar comments from the head of AT&T Wireless; over in the UK, O2’s head honcho says smartphones are bogging […]

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Update On mGive Mobile Giving: Already over $1 million for Haiti

I wrote about mGive’s mobile charity donation platform in December, and it’s back in the news today. Already, Americans have donated more than $1.2 million to the Red Cross’ Haiti relief efforts using mGive on their mobile phones. The devastation in Haiti is immense and heartbreaking, but I’m glad to see that mobile is making […]

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Sounding The Death Knell For The Nexus One Is Probably Just A Little Premature

Sounding The Death Knell For The Nexus One Is Probably Just A Little Premature

The Google Nexus One handset has “bombed” after selling just 20,000 handsets in its first week. Eh? Selling 20,000 devices in a week with no brick-and-mortar outlets (and therefore no chance to test the device before purchase), relatively minimal marketing, from a new seller using a pretty unique (for the US, anyway) sales model is […]

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Mobile Trends for the Next Decade

MH pal Rudy de Waele asked me to participate in an interesting project before the holidays: a collection of predictions for the mobile world over the next decade. He took my contributions and put them together with those from an illustrious list of contributors (see below) into Mobile Trends 2020, the Slideshare presentation below. There’s […]

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