Raising Series A? How to Get Overseas Funding

My UK Government role is to help the best UK Tech startups supplement their funding with overseas investment. It’s a free service and I’m often asked what criteria we apply when assessing who we can help and this blog post gives a broad answer to that question.

Generally, the kinds of companies we can help have to be extraordinary in some way. If an investor is to deploy funds outside their own local market, they’re looking for something that’s just not available anywhere else.

Specifically, the startup will:

– Have revenues of at least $1 million per annum
– Have a strong domestic lead investor
– Be looking to raise around $1m – $5m

There are always exceptions to every rule, but some traction is key.

While we have deep connections in the obvious markets (The Valley and East Coast), we’re also close to about 400 strategic corporates and have some great relationships in the Middle East and Asia, especially in Japan.

If that sounds like your company – or you know someone we can help – drop me an email here russell AT mobhappy dot com.

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