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State of the Mobile Nation Podcast

Last week I chaired a couple of podcasts organised by my old ZagMe colleague and mobilista, Helen Keegan and sponsored by the very nice people at Hotwire PR, hosted by the equally nice Mozilla London’s offices. The panel ranged far and wide across the mobile spectrum and consisted of Eamonn Carey from kiip, Roberta Lucca […]

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LoopMe Unveils

Another of the companies in my loose affiliation of a portfolio is LoopMe, which has just emerged from stealth mode to take on some of the challenges we face in mobile advertising. My role is currently a Board Advisor along with the excellent Kate Burns – the first employee of Google outside the US back […]

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Advice About Which University to Choose

A few weeks ago, I did a short speech at “Yes we can! US Uni Advisor Training Conference”. In my usual style, my slides are image-based and don’t make any sense at all unless you hear the speech. The organisers therefore asked me to provide some notes and I thought someone might find them useful […]

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Tadaa Hits 1,000,000 Downloads

It’s been a busy time since we started Ballpark Ventures earlier this year, so I thought I’d update you on some of the companies I’ve been involved with recently, either as an investor, mentor, advisor or Non-Exec Director (or a combination of any of these roles). First up is, who topically enjoyed their millionth […]

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Erasto Mpemba – A Story of Persistence and Scientific Discovery

I found this story of the Tanzanian schoolboy, Erasto Mpemba, particularly inspiring, as well as a reminder for educators everywhere that they might not always be right. Back in the 1960’s, Erasto, aged 13, was making ice cream at Magamba Secondary School. He noticed that when the ice cream was hot and started to freeze, […]

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