Tweetless in Shanghai

I’m currently in China on a bit of an exploratory trip, meeting various VCs, entrepreneurs, government and academic people.

It’s too early to get much of an impression – I’m jetlagged and in a hotel in the western suburbs of Shanghai and about half an hour’s drive through mad traffic from the famous Bund and the centre, so will leave that for later in the trip.

However, neither Twitter (nor Facebook nor Google search) work here, so my world is strangely silent. It’s quite incredible how central Twitter has become to my digital life. Maybe I’ll get back into blogging again for a while.

A couple of things I would have tweeted, if I had been able to:

Rkss has launched his first EP Rkss aka my son, Robin, interning at Berlin based startup Pipe. Have a listen and tell your friends.

I’m enjoying reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It’s a dystopian future, where most people spend their time hooked up to an advanced version of Second Life, escaping reality. A cult develops in this virtual world, focused on searching for clues set by the founder to win his $200 Billion+ fortune. A fun read (especially for gamers and geeks), although not a very hopeful vision of the future, where people live in trailer park stacks (mobile homes stacked in piles of 15 to 20), fuel has run out and lives are bleak.

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