Very Creative Spanking

The School of Communications Arts teaches young people all they need to know about a career in communications, from a Creative in an ad agency to a Suit in a PR agency. Every year, the intake form their very own agency and answer real briefs from genuine clients. They also win awards in competition with real agencies, so places on the course are highly prized.

This year, their agency delights in the name Spank.

It’s Christmas, so like a proper agency, they decided to put on a party, as you would. But how to showcase their creativity? Well, if the name of the agency is Spank, you have your theme pretty much there. But how do you invite people?

This is the email I received:

Google yourself from anything BUT a mobile device.

If you cant find what we’ve hidden for you, it means you don’t google yourself enough and you need to start doing it more often.

Naturally enough, I googled “Russell Buckley”. And what did I see at the top of results, in the form of a Google AdWords

Click on the link and you get through to the Spanking Good Party website.

How cool is that?

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