See You There?

It’s been a while since I last posted, for a variety of reasons really.

There’s been the move to Google, which has taken my eye off the ball. Google are (as you might expect) enlightened about employees blogging, providing that they make it clear that it’s their opinion, not Google’s – please note 🙂 But sometimes it’s hard not to be conscious that people might interpret what I write as “Well you would say that, you Corporate Drone…” or read bias into a post where none exists. I’m still trying to get my head around this, so watch this space.

Other reasons include too much travel – blogging is the first thing to get ditched – holidays and just, well…life, I guess.

One way to get back in touch with anyone who is still kind enough to be reading MobHappy is to update you on my Autumn/Fall plans and to say that I hope to meet you at one of the events I’m going to be at. It’s still an evolving plan, but here goes:

Burning Man. This hasn’t much to do with mobile directly, though lots of geeks generally, as well as Mobilists and Mobsessives seem to go to hang out in the Nevada desert for a week in early September. If you haven’t heard about the legendary Burning Man, you should check it out – this video is a great intro. It’s a combination of art, bacchanalia and communal living, with a temporary city of 50,000 people being constructed in the middle of nowhere, where everything needs to be taken in (including water and supplies) and where trading or buying anything is forbidden – it’s a gifting economy.

At this stage, I intend to write something after the event, although the original “what happens in Vegas…” saying was actually about Burning Man, before being appropriated by the Nevada tourism people. So I may well change my mind on that.

If you’re going, or know anyone else who’s going, let’s get in touch and hang out at the Playa.

After that it’s back to work (yes, the Burning Man is a holiday thing for me). This includes speaking at:

The Vail Summit – a leading conference on tourism in Colorado

DMEXCO – Germany’s main Digital Marketing exhibition and conference on 15th and 16th September

Judging the final of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition in Amsterdam. The jury includes multi-faceted M-Trends’ Rudy De Waele, the Peter Vesterbacka, who also wears many hats these days, as well as the legendary Om Malik of GigaOm, who I’m very much looking forward to meeting for the first time. With Euro 150,000 up for grabs in prizes, check it out!

At the end of September, I’m in South Africa for Mobile Web Africa, which promises to be a great one. Africa has always been a leading market for usage of mobile web and there’s no sign that the growth is doing anything but getting faster.

5th and 6th October seems the MMA’s Forum return to London after last year’s excellent agenda in Berlin. Building on that, we have a whole host of world class brands speaking about their mobile experiences. If you haven’t been to a Forum for a while, the days of vendors evangelising to each other are long gone, reflecting that mobile is no longer a wannabe, but a doin’it business.

I’ll be chairing a panel consisting of the great and the good from the agency world and it’ll be my last appearance as Global Chairman Emeritus of the MMA.

October also sees me speaking at Open Software in Mobile in London, along with a whole bunch of Mobilists. Looks like it’s going to be a great one too.

I’m pretty busy going into November and December, but that’s probably enough for the time being. I hope to see you at one or some of these and if you’re coming, please come and say Hi.

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