London’s Calling

Man alive! As the cool kids are starting to say again. It’s been a while since I posted here – Twitter is a cruel and selfish mistress.

Just wanted to write that I’m in London next week for 3 interesting speaking events – all different, but all very interesting.

Monday sees me chairing a very distinguished panel at MoMo London, which consists of Neil Johnson from Teletext,
Dave Gwozdz from Mojiva (one of the event sponsors), Jason DaPonte from the BBC, David Gibbs from BSkyB and Hugh Griffiths, who is pursuing a portfolio career these days, but found fame and fortune at O2 and Microsoft. Our topic is “Where Mobile Meets Media” and in the best crowd-sourcing tradition, let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to pose to the panel. MoMo is already over-subscribed, so if you haven’t got a ticket, you’ll need to try bribery or start a secondary market on eBay.

On Wednesday, I have a slot at ME Magazine’s “Monetising Mobile”, which consists of a lightening series of 10 minute presentations, so no room to waffle. I’ll be speaking about ‘Commercial break – The reality of ad-funded apps’ – basically talking about the engine room of App development, which is how you make money.

As an aside, ME Magazine does a brilliant job (no, I’m not being sycophantic!) of balancing humour with mobile news and comment. It sets standards that other trade magazines need to aspire too, providing they wish to entertain, as well as inform. And making content fun to read has to be a winning strategy over traditional dry reportage.

On Thursday, we move on to The Open Mobile Summit, which has a seriously good line-up of speakers, including many old pals. I’m doing a panel on “Mobile advertising in 2011”, chaired by comScore’s excellent Mark Donovan. Back in the day when they were M:Metrics, I wrote a post calling them “The Elvis of Analysts” after a briefing with Mark and I think that’s still true all these years later.

So – a busy week and I hope to see some MobHappy readers at one of these events. If you are attending, please come and say Hi and tell me what you’re up to. Both Carlo and I love to meet readers and followers, so don’t hold back.

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