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Tomi Ahonen’s Almanac

It’s that time of the year again. Our pal, Tomi Ahonen (consultant, speaker, blogger, Tweeter, raconteur and all-round good Mobilist) has just launched his Almanac for the year – a steal at €9.99. For our US readers, we don’t use dollars here, but it’s about $13.57 in your language. Tomi’s Almanac is one of the […]

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My Mobile OS Is A Better Middleman Than Yours

I’ve been thinking about mobile OSes lately, mostly because I’m pretty tired of the mess that is S60 on top of Symbian on my Nokia E71. I’m tired of it taking 20 seconds for a new SMS to show up on the screen after I click the icon; I’m tired of the slow web browser; […]

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.mobi Gets Sold Off

mTLD, the company set up by Nokia, 3, Google, Ericsson, Vodafone, Samsung, T-Mobile and other industry bigwigs to run the .mobi top-level domain is being purchased by another registrar responsible for such hits as the .info TLD. I was pretty skeptical of .mobi from the outset, and saw it as little more than a moneygrab, […]

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More Sports Cobrowsing, With Football3s

I just spent some time watching Liverpool lose to Arsenal in an English Premier League football match. As Liverpool fan, the game itself wasn’t particularly rewarding, but I had a great time playing along with it with Football3s. It’s a sort of in-running fantasy game: you play 10-minute games against other users by picking a […]

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Econ 102 for Operators

Last time out, I went over (with graphs!) operators’ rhetoric about needing to raise data prices to discourage usage, since their networks can’t keep up with demand. Today, we’ll look at what’s behind the data traffic increase, and what (other than raising rates) operators can do about it. I closed that last post by saying […]

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